Fees structure of Top Online Wedding Planning Courses in India

Gert here the Fees Details and Course Syllabus of Top Institutes in India Providing Online Courses in Wedding Event Management and Planning. If you need any further clarifications on this topic, comment below. Happy to assist you.

Wedding Planning Institutes aims to provide the best education to aspiring wedding planners with full convenience and flexibility. It has on a large scale broadened the scope and has enabled the students to gain knowledge and master their skills under professional guidance from anywhere in the world and at any time. The development of the necessary skills and the learning makes the individual all ready to face the corporate world and set the foot firmly. Here are

Top 6 Online Wedding Planning Institutes in India

  1. FMF Events Academy , Kochi Kerala FMF Events Academy providing a 2 months online certificate course in wedding planning. Known for its first class services, up to date knowledge and loyalty towards its customers, it is run by professionals in this field. The Mon-Fri classes of 2 hrs focus on education the students from the base to the top. It provides easy 24*7 accesses to the study material, highly interactive discussions and a continuous guidance by the professionals for better understanding. The study material provided is easy to understand, the portal is user friendly and the assignments help in tracking the learning of the individual and gives an insight of how far the process has reached. A certificate is provided to the student after successful completion of the course and internships in different parts of India.

Click here to read the Coaching Syllabus for Online Wedding Planning Courses Conducting by FMF Events Academy.

Duration- 2 Months| Total Fees- 8,000 INR| Course Type- Online (Certificates on wedding Planning Provided after Successful Course Completion)

FMF Events Academy Phone:       Email:         Website:

  1. PENNFOSTER CAREER SCHOOL This is yet another institute for Indian Students Offering Courses in Wedding planning. An ABC certified wedding planner program designed by the school, aims at helping the individuals in taking the first step towards wedding planner industry by provides knowledge, helping them develop and enhance the required skills and techniques required to enter into this rewarding field in as less as three months. It provides interactive, 24/7 accessible mobile friendly courses, certified and personal instructors and progress tracking tool to help you keep growing. With 45,000 graduates in 2016, it helps you interact with other wedding planner students by just being a part of their community, which can be of high exposure. As a free of cost membership to the community you can easy seek support from the world famous wedding planner companies. On successful completion, a recognised certificate is awarded.

Duration- 3 Months| Total Fees- 53,172. 8 INR| Course Type- Online

Website: https://www.pennfoster.edu/pf-homepage/index.html

3. ASHWORTH COLLEGE– One of the best Institute you can choose for Online Wedding Planning Course in India The nationally accredited wedding planner course gives you a thorough knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of a wedding planner. The course will keep you updated with the latest information and techniques and will let you build an impressive list of credentials. It will also give you online field trips for better understanding and the assignments will help you showcase and sharpen your skills. As additional benefits you get to be the member of ABC and build your business and market your services and avail special benefits. Apart from making you ready and already a step ahead from your competitors, as a member of ABC you get to experience various seminars, get expert advices and negotiated prices with vendors and suppliers.

Duration- 4 Months| Total Fees- 29,215.49 INR| Course Type- Online

Website: https://www.ashworthcollege.edu/

4. INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF EVENT MANAGEMENT– The institute locating in Mumbai, which offering Online Courses in Wedding Planning and Event Management. The self-paced comprehensive program is perfect for the people who are new to this industry as well as for professionals as it focuses on preparing them completely to take advantage of the various opportunities in this industry. The course structure is such that it has three modules to complete the course. This process is very beneficial as it let the individual learn the basics, the planning process and essentials, and get the advanced knowledge step by step and helps in better understanding and more enhanced learning. For more flexibility it allows the enrollers to either pay the whole course amount in a go or make the payment in instalments. A diploma degree, high English proficiency and access to notebook is the criteria to be able to enrol for the course. After the end of each module there will be a written test in English conducted to qualify and go to the next module. The completion of three modules will lead to attainment of certificate.

Total fees- 22142.10 INR| Course Type- Online

5. NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF ART + DESIGN– Certified by Association of Bridal Consultants, this wedding planner course will teach you how to deal with clients, pull a successful wedding, paper work handling and techniques of growing your business. The well-structured and planner study material, projects and guidance of professionals will help you in enhancing your talent, in brainstorming ideas and in developing the necessary skills. The main focus is to make the student capable to manage and execute everything associated with the process. The study material is easily accessible 24*7, there is a proper way of providing feedback at every stage of the learning and it also gives the scope of fee withdrawal within 14 days if the individual doesn’t find the course suitable. After the completion of the whole course and after the approval of the faculty, the institute will reward the student with NYIAD certificate in Wedding Planning.

Duration- 18 Months| Total fees- 62262.02 INR| Course Type- Online

Website: https://www.nyiad.edu/


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