Download SRFTI Previous year entrance exam question papers and Exam Syllabus

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Before downloading the SRFTI Question paper, you must know the syllabus and the marks distribution system suggested by The Controller of Exams- The Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata India.

Exam Syllabus

The SRFTI Entrance exam divided majorly into three sections

  1. Section A – Will Cover questions to check the mental aptitude of the candidate (Marks—20)
  2. Section B – is purportedly added to check the creative aptitude of candidate (Marks- 40)
  3. Section C- Questions from the specific subject area they chosen (Marks-40)

Relax!! There is no negative marking in the SRFTI written examination.

Syllabus Detail

In a telephonic discussion by Frames Education representative with a last-year SRFTI entrance exam apparent, said-

The Section A consists of questions from Indian Culture, Famous Film Personalities, Singers, Dancers, Independent Filmmakers, Artists, Filmmakers, various Indian cultural festivals, Oscars and Indian Cinema, Famous Movies, Bengali and Malayalam Cinema, Famous Movies, Film critics etc. Around 60-70% of questions will be based on Indian Cinema.

Recommended Books:  Encyclopedia on Indian Cinema and Manorama Year Book (

Section B:  Questions pattern of section B is totally an Indifferent from Section A. Say an instance, you may write a story based on an Image OR expect such creative questions.

Reference Books: No Specific books. It’s impossible to guess what type of creative question they may ask in Section B.

(However, see the link shown below to know the sample questions (Section A, Section B and Section C) of SRFTI entrance exam 2016-2017. You can view or download it easily.)

Section C: Questions from Particular Course the candidate selected to study (For Instance- If the candidate selected the Film Direction Department, then in Section C will comprise of questions to check the aptitude of candidate in the film direction field.)


SRFTI  Sample question paper- Film Editing, Sound Designing, Film Direction, Sound Designing, Free Download

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Click here to view all the question papers of SFRTI entrance exams (comprises of SRFTI entrance exam 2013, 2014 and 2015)



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