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Am I Eligible to Become Cinematographer?

If you are passionate in Camera, Lenses, and associated equipments, then undoubtedly Cinematography will be the right profession you can choose.

“Cinematography is infinite in its possibilities… much more so than music or language.”

Conrad Hall- A Notable French Cinematographer

The Cinematographers can explore their professional skills mostly in the Motion Pictures. They are also essential in Video and Media Production Companies. It’s also a say that a Cinematographer can easily direct a Film. It is a known fact that many cinematographers turns to Film Directors after few movies.

Skills Required:

A cinematographer can say good in their job role only if she/he has following skills-

  • Must having hands-on experience of various film cameras, adapters, filters, various types of lens and the usage of reflector board like props
  • Practical knowledge of Interior and Exterior set-lights
  • Knowledge of Frames and Composition
  • Adaptable to the work locations and ready to meet the  challenges
  • Responsible for finishing shooting in-time

How to be there?

There are many ways to reach that position.

A Two/Three years of Degree/Diploma from a training institute is enough to acquire skills for becoming a Cinematographer.

Since it is an Experience required field, most of the people becoming an Independent cinematographer by assisting the established Cinematographer/Filmmaker.

Sometimes the Cinematographer also tagged in the profiles such as Videographer/Cameraman, which we usually heard such typical names in the media fields.

Career Profiles

In Films, the cinematographer can work in the profiles like Cinematographer, Chief Camera Supervisor and Chief Lighting Supervisor.

 In other Fields like Media and Television Industry, the cinematographer may be known in the alternative names such as Videographer, Cameraman, Visualizer, etc.


According to the Survey of The Bureau of Labor Statistics, as on 2014 May the salary of a Cinematographer per year will be $52,470 and the salary of cinematographer in per hour will be $25.23.

In India, the annual salary of an entry-level cinematographer is ranging from Rs. 2La to Rs. 5La.

Top 7 Cinematography Training Institutes In India

  1. Film and Television Institute of India, Pune


  1. Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata


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  1. Government Film Institute, Bangalore


  1. Ramoji Film and Television Academy, Hyderabad


  1. Biju Pattanaik Film & Television Institute, Orissa


  1. V Prasad Film and Television Institute, India


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