Top 5 Film Editing Institutes in India | Best List

Get here the best list of Top 5 Film Editing institutes in India. We were included the names of Film Editing institutes in India here on the basis of certain factors such as Course Structure, Academy Accreditation, Attended Student’s Reviews, Campus Infrastructure and more.

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Role of Video Editor

The Primary role of Video Editor is to edit the footages and align together by using Video Editing software.

The Service of Video Editor is essential in industries such as Film and Broadcasting, Digital Marketing Companies and Advertising industry.

An Undergraduate degree in video editing is the minimum required education to reach that field.

Skills Required

  • Manipulate and Edit the raw footages
  • Ability to identify the differences between bad and good shots
  • Music Sense
  • Ability to Identify the right shots from the raw footages
  • Creative thinking in critical situations, Time management skills and Patience to find out the right shots.
  • Practical knowledge of all the major video editing software and Animation software like Maya

How can I become a Video Editor?

Training is mandatory to become a Video Editor. By undergoing an Undergraduate Course is all enough to acquire the Video Editing skills.

As it is an experience required field, most of the present Video Editors are reached that position by assisted the established video editors.

Career Profiles

Distinguish   from the other fields the video editors can only work in the respective profession. In sometimes they may found in the Studio Manager Job Role.


In the competitive industry, the salary of an Entry level video editor may ranging from Rs. 2la to Rs. 5 La. This may varies on many factors such as Type of the organization, job responsibilities and work experience.

List of Top 5 Film Editing Institutes in India

  1. Film and Television Institute of India, Pune


2.  Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata


3. kerala chalachitra academy courses, Trivandrum

Phone: 0471 231 0323

4. Chennai Film School, Chennai

5. Jyoti Chitraban Film and Television Institute, Assam, India

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