Contact Info of Top 5 Sound Engineering institutes in India

Get here the information about the list of best film/television training institutes in India that offering courses in Sound Engineering.  These are listed certainly in order. The name of best sound engineering institutes starts from top of the list. We at Frames Education prepared this list on the basis of certain factors such as-college infrastructure, fees, reviews, awards and acclamations, course affiliation etc.

Before start reading the names of  best  sound  engineering colleges in India  get to know an overview about being a Sound Engineer, Career and Job scope of Sound Engineer in India.

Who can become Sound Engineer?

One who can understand the pulse of any forms of sound can become sound engineer. The service of sound engineer is essential in Films, broadcasting, live performance stages, audio recordings and advertising sectors.

Skills Required

To become a sound Engineer you must have the mandatory skills listed below.

  • good hearing, for distinguishing sound quality
  • Sound  knowledge of both the electronics and acoustics equipment
  • Ability to sense the pulse of music
  • Perfect sense of pitch, timing and rhythm
  • Ability to sense the type of music/BGM required per scenes.



How to be there?

Most of the sound engineers of now working in the film industry were reached to that position by assisting professional sound engineers. There are lots of job vacancies for sound engineers in the Television and Radio program broadcasting fields.

Role of Sound Engineer in Films

In films, the requirements of Sound Engineers are essential in two stages- In Pre-production (for live recording) and Post-Production (balancing, editing and enhancing the location-recorded audio files.)

Career Profiles

One who professionally qualified and experienced in Sound Engineering can work as On-Location sound recordist, Audio engineer, sound designer, Music composer, sound editor and Radio programmes broadcast supervisor.

Scope of Sound Engineer in India

The Indian Film Industry is the second largest in the world. Similarly, the television industry of India is another one of the booming industries in India. So, there are good demands for sound engineers in Film and Broadcasting fields in India. Around 70% of the Sound Engineer requirements are in the Tier-1 Indian Cities. Bookmark the career page of Film and Media Company’s websites to get the updates regarding the sound engineer job requirements.



In the United Kingdom, the annual salary of a sound engineer will be ranging from £16,000 to £18,000.

In India, the annual salary of a non-experienced sound engineer will be ranging from Rs. 3 La to Rs.5 La. Most of the sound engineers in India are prefer to work as a freelancer than a full-time employee. In a Bollywood feature film, the guy who worked as a sound engineer will get remuneration ranging from Rs. 15 la to Rs. 20La

Training and Education

Do you want to learn Sound Engineering Professionally? Do you want to know the best names of sound Engineering/Designing institutes in India? See the list given below to find the names of top 5 colleges in India offering courses in Sound Engineering.

List of Sound Engineering Institutes in India

  1. Film and Television Institute of India, Pune

Affiliation: Working Directly under the Ministry of Broadcasting, Government of India

Course Offered in Sound Engineering: 3-years diploma course in Sound Engineering

Address: FTII, No.11, Telephone Exchange, Law College Road,, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, Maharashtra 411004

Phone Number: 020 2543 3016


  1. Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata

Affiliation: Working Directly under the Ministry of Broadcasting, Government of India

Course Offered in Sound Engineering: 3-years diploma course in Sound Engineering

Address:  E.M.Byepass Road, Panchasayar P.O., Kolkata, West Bengal 700094

Phone Number: 033 2432 8355



  1. Biju Pattanaik Film & Television Institute of Odisha Cuttack, Odisha

Courses: Diploma in Sound & TV. Engineering

Affiliation: Department of Technical Education, Orissa

Address: Biju Pattanaik Film & Television Institute Of Odisha Cuttack-753 007

Phone Number: 671-2413968/2418480


  1. Government Film Institute (GFTI) Bangalore

Course Offered: Sound Recording & Engg

Affiliation: Department of Technical Education, Karnataka

Address: Government Film institute (GFTI) , Department Of Technical Education, Bangalore

Hesaraghatta Post Bangalore

Phone Number: N/A


  1. KR Narayanan Film School, Kottayam Kerala

Course Offered: P.G Diploma course In Audiography

Affiliation: Government of Kerala

Address: K.R.Narayanan National Institute of Visual Science & Arts,
Thekkumthala, Kottayam
Kerala – 686 585

Phone Number: 0471 2430068




That’s all the names of Top institutes in India Offering Courses in Sound Engineering and Sound Designing.

Is this list satisfies you? OR You think we forgot to add the names of any Sound Engineering institute here? Please let us know your opinions and Suggestions


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